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About Us & Our Logo Design Philosophy

Powerlogos Design™ applies the same logo design philosophy and process as design legend, Saul Bass. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Bass, you may know his logo designs for AT&T, United Airlines, United Way, Alcoa, Rockwell International, Minolta Camera, Girl Scouts of America, Lawry’s Foods, Celanese --- and the list goes on. Though different, they are what we now call Credibility Based Logo Design™.

Dr. Haig worked with Saul Bass during the 60s as his Logo Projects Account Manager. He is a graduate of UCLA in psychology and has a Master of Arts degree in Communication with honors from the University of Hawaii and a PhD from Southern Cross University in Australia. He taught logo design and branding strategy at Hawaii Pacific University following over forty years developing successful company logos.
Dr. Haig is the co-author of The Power of Logos: How to Create Effective Company Logos, New York, Wiley Publishers, 1997.
Effective logo design is part planning and part design. Dr. Haig does the planning.


Select international design teams from India, Russia, Brazil or Portugal follow through on the planning to create the design in the best interest of the logo project.
Credibility Based Logo Design™ is the successful product of the Logo Planning Report objectives prepared by Dr. Haig, and created by the design team chosen.

Our World
  This is all done online with utmost efficiency. The result is a process which produces a highly effective logo design solution, at a very low fee.

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