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by Dr. William L. Haig
CEO Powerlogos Design
Co-author, The Power of Logos: How to Create
Effective Company Logos,
NY: Wiley, 1997 (fifth printing.)

Credibility Based Logo Design Examples
May 2004

The following logos are credibility-based. A brief description tells why they are particularly great logos.

(Buyers Broker of Florida, Powerlogos Design/Keith Rollman)
Comment: Buyers Broker is unique in that it represents the buyer, not the seller. The logo symbolizes this area of expertise. The design motif is contemporary which projects the look of reliability and efficiency. We can believe that this company is credible.


(Movie Tours, Powerlogos Design/Anastasia Beltiukova)
Comment: Movies Tours is a Kauai, Hawaii, based movie location tour company. Visitors tour where Jerassic Park, South Pacific and many other films were staged. The logo symbology captures the “tour” essence of this business, its area of expertise. The fun image furthers the believability that one would have fun on this tour. Done in a contemporary design, it is a perfect example of the three elements for a credibility-based logo design. The logo also won the Award of Excellence in the 2004 Advertising Federation Awards Competition.


(CIDE/UCLA, Powerlogos Design/Cygnus Advertising)
Comment: CIDE is part of the Graduate School of Education at UCLA. It’s mission is to promote international development for political and economic purposes through the dissemination of educational information world-wide. The book symbolizes its area of expertise as a repository of information for networking. It looks like a large organization which is cutting-edge, learned, stable and highly trusted. This design character projects a feeling of trustworthiness or believability about this renowned education repository resource.


(Housen Painting, Powerlogos Design/Cygnus Advertising)
Comment: This is a perfect example of a credibility-based logo for small business. It was planned and created on this website. The "house and paint brush" symbolizes Housen's expertise in house painting. The logo projects Housen Painting as "highly professional company" doing only "quality" work – great trustworthy traits. The contemporary design further signifies the company as being know-ledgeable about the "latest paints" and "painting techniques." These traits were planned from the questionnaire section of this website.


(Access Referral Network. Powerlogos Design/Cygnus Advertising)
Comment: This company is a one-stop website to locate professionals and needed information about them. Providing information through a single website portal is this company's field of expertise. This is the main symbolism. The company is also highly professional, cutting-edge, competent, efficient and provides quality information. The contemporary yet stable design motif non-verbally expresses these trustworthy traits. The logo is very strong with high impact. This is a must for companies on the internet.


(Catalina, Powerlogos Design/Cygnus Advertising)
Comment: Catalina Island is just thirty miles off the coast of Los Angeles. The focal point of Catalina since the 20s has been the great Casino in Avalon. It is to Catalina what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. It is only fitting that Catalina Island Vacation Rentals and its sister company, Catalina Island Real Estate, feature the Casino. It says "Catalina." It is says "we know Catalina." This is the company's expertise. The design style is contemporary which communicates that the company has the latest technology to serve its customers. High personal service is also a key trustworthy trait.


(Earth Tec, Powerlogos Design/Cygnus Advertising)
Comment: This company provides offshore webhosting and services from Panama. This is its area of expertise. It employs leading edge technology to give reliability, secure, speedy and comprehensive services. The contemporary design tells us this and gives us trust in the company.


(Earth Keeper, Powerlogos Design/Cygnus Advertising)
Comment: Earthkeeper Foundation is a humanitarian money fund based in Panama. The symbolism communicates that the fund helps people which is its area of expertise. It also communicates that the company is highly competent, people-oriented and stable, which gives it trust in what it does. We can believe in the company. A contemporary shape tells us that the company is forward thinking in its use of funds.


(Marquee, Powerlogos Design/Cygnus Advertising)
Comment: Marquee Printing is a quality based printing company with very low prices for small business. Business printing is its area of expertise. The form is contemporary so we know that this company uses the latest printing technology to give us quality printing at low prices. We feel that the company is trustworthy and forward thinking. A great place for "value" in printing products.


(Prince&Phelps, Powerlogos Design/Cygnus Advertising)
Comment: This company consults with business in employee issues such as drug abuse and workplace violence. It "helps" people at work, hence the subtle communication of the word "helps." This is its area of expertise. The use of typography is perfect for this company, giving it the dignity of the organization. We get a feeling of trust and forward thinking from the contemporary character, communicating the true character of this consulting organization.


(Vaccum Lady & Co, Powerlogos Design/Cygnus Advertising)
Comment: Vacuum Lady & Co is a small shop, which sells high quality vacuums and cleaning products. This is its area of expertise. The company has grown on the basis of its high attention to personal service, care, clean/fresh store, honesty/trust and long relationships. These attributes are included in the symbolism to round out a feeling of trust. The contemporary shape tells us the company has the latest products available, and is forward thinking in this regard.


The following logos are not credibility-based.

Comment: Unlike the AT&T logo which is credibility-based as it communicates "world-wide communication," Verizon does not express its area of expertise, which is also worldwide communication. The "V" swoosh doesn't communicate anything except "V" as in "Victory" as one company executive explained. It is slightly trustworthy expressing "technology" and "efficiency." It is also slightly a contemporary design form. The AT&T logo is blue – a good "technology" or "electronic" color while Verizon is red.


Comment: Avaya's slogan is "communication without boundaries". It is also in the communication business which is its area of expertise. This is not expressed. The company name does not help to understand the company business. It is also not trustworthy or contemporary looking.


Comment: This company is worldwide, but neither the name nor other symbologies express the company business, therefore lacking expertise. It is also a dated form looking "slow" and "sluggish" two trustworthy attributes which are probably not intended. It is also not contemporary.


Comment: This is a good company name with appropriate symbology expressing the company business and therefore giving the company expertise. It is also highly "likable" but lacks other dimensions of being trustworthy for a moving company such as "highly efficient," "latest packing techniques," or "on time"…. These attributes could have been expressed just by making the whole design contemporary – which is also lacking.

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