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by Dr. William L. Haig
CEO Powerlogos Design
Co-author, The Power of Logos: How to Create
Effective Company Logos,
NY: Wiley, 1997 (fifth printing.)

Powerlogos Design Launches ROI Logo Research
Press Release - February 8, 2004

Powerlogos Design™ has developed return on investment research methodology which allows company mangers to determine if their logo will be successful before the logo is implemented. Unlike other return on investment research (or ROI), Powerlogos relates the logo with its success directly to achieving company goals in advance of the logo going “live.”

Company managers have the knowledge before they print the logo on business cards, stationery or use it in advertising that the logo will actually work. The research is based on credibility principles applied to logo design. Credible people are more successful in persuading relative to a particular issue on which they are knowledgeable, and they can be trusted. Powerlogos is a pioneer in adapting credibility principles to the planning and design of logos.

Credibility can be measured. So can logos which are credibility-based. This is what gives the Powerlogos ROI this unique logo evaluation methodology.

About Powerlogos Design™: Powerlogos is a highly successful logo online design firm, planning and creating Credibility Based Logo Design. The process gives logo design a specific direction. This reduces creative time; hence logos are developed with more efficiency. Thus, the firm charges a very low fee for highly successful logo design which works.

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