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Published Articles

Published Articles by William L. Haig

Websites At "First Glance"sm - The Credibility Requirement - July 2007

Increase Sales with Credibility-based Logo Design - June 2007

Logo Design as 'Surface Credibility' - May 2007

Credibility-Based Logo Design: A New Perspective For Designing Logos - October 2006

First Impressions: Company Names and Slogans - June 2004

Credibility Based Logo Design Examples - May 2004

The Source, The Message and The Receiver - March 2004

Great Logos and Why - March 2004

Credible Websites and Emeril Lagasse - March 2004

Great Web Sites and Why - March 2004

Branding to Sell - February 2004

Managing the Credible Brand Image - February 2004

Powerlogos Design Launches ROI Logo Research - February 2004

The Power of logos and Graphic Design Systems in Public Transportation - September 2003

Successful Logos Explained - June 2002


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