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What makes Powerlogos Design different?

Our design philosophy: Credibility Based Logo Design. Dr. Haig has done extensive university-supervised research in what makes a logo work. The answer is in credibility principles in sales communication. Dr. Haig has a Ph.D. in this subject. This is also the subject of his best-selling book, The Power of Logos: How to Create Successful Company Logos, NY: Wiley. Dr. Haig has over forty years applying this philosophy to hundreds of successful logos from AT&T and Rockwell International to Housen Painting, a small house painter in Rawlings New York.

Why is Credibility Important?

This is simple. People are either credible about something… or not. We all have our special interest so we are all credible in some ways.

We take advice from credible people. We judge if they know what they are talking about and are trusted. For example we listen to our trusted stockbroker, butcher, handyman or computer expert.

We do the same with credible companies (mostly buying products or services like we do with our stockbroker, butcher, handyman or computer expert.) We don’t buy from companies which are not credible – no product or service knowledge and not trustworthy anyway.

How Does a Company Express Credibility?

A company first of all must be credible in everything it does. It must be well experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy or nothing works.

But when it comes to logo design, the credible company uses its logo to actually symbolize what the company does. This tells us that a house painter with a “house” and “painting” in the logo is probably a specialist in this. The design character tells us that the company is “efficient” and “service oriented.” That’s the essence of Credibility Based Logo Design. Our creativity makes this simple philosophy work.

How Many Designs Does It Take to Design a Credible Logo?

As many as it takes to give you a professional design solution. But we have simplified the process. 

Our copyrighted Logo Planning Questionnaire gives us all the information about your company to be able to plan your Credibility Based Logo Design properly. This becomes our Logo Planning Report. It is here that your ideal logo is described in verbal terms. It is like describing your successful logo after it is designed, but we do it before it is designed to have mutual understanding and agreement. 

When we agree on the credibility-based design objectives in the report, we begin a specific design direction. We know what we need to do. This saves time. We only design as many variations as necessary to meet the objectives. The final design will meet the planned objective perfectly. This gives design judgment objectivity, not subjectivity.

Why Are Powerlogos Design Fees So Low?

Our process. We plan logos based on proven credibility principles. The design direction is specific. Our world-class designers use their creativity efficiently based on mutually agreed upon objectives. Working online gives us additional time economies. This saves time and money for all of us.

Why Don't You Have Several Design Packages Like Other Designers?

We have one package, which works. Why give clients two or three design packages, which are limited to only a few choices? We believe that the only purpose for a logo is to sell product or service. To get to the ideal logo objective, we do not limit the number of variations. We do not limit the number of colors. Ultimately, only one Credibility Based Logo Design is right, with the right combination of colors, including a black and white version.

In addition to the logo design, however, we give a final Logo Implementation Guideline for all applications and stationery/business card design formats to take to the printer. This is standard in our one fee.

Can We Discuss The Project As We Go Along?

Yes! We insist on input by email or by phone. You can call anytime at 808.922.4042 (Hawaii Standard Time) or email bill@haigbranding.com.

What If I Don't Like Any Designs?

With our process, this question should actually be “what if I do not like the planning objectives?” This is where the logo is described in verbal terms. We have already defined the objectives, and agreed to these. Our creativity takes over from there to translate the verbal objectives into the same visual design form. You have the option not to proceed after reading our Logo Planning Report objectives.

The second part of this question should be “who is the ultimate judge of the logo?” In all due respects, this is the person buying your product or service. Your customer must be moved to buy. Not the client company. Our client’s leave this judgment to our Executive Design Team as to what is a Credibility Based Logo Design based on our planning objectives.

How Long Does the Process Take?

All work is done “by mind and by hand”. We don’t believe in “clip art”, non-credible solutions which can be done in a couple of days. 

The Logo Planning Response takes about a week to plan and approve after the Questionnaire analysis. The preliminary designs take about two to three weeks. The final design about one week. A month more or less is about right. Please let us know if you require less time.

What Other Services Do You Offer?

Additional Service Upon Request:

Our understanding of credibility principles in logo design also applies to naming companies. Company names say what the company does. Again, conveying the company expertise in its field. For example, ToysRus is a much better name than KB Store.

We do logo design testing before a logo is launched. Our final design works, but our logo testing will give extra assurance for bankers/investors who may want more backup data.

We do Web site graphics with a “look” consistent with your new logo.

We give a $25 Logo Evaluation Report here.

Additional No-Cost Service:

We also do no cost branding with affiliate suppliers. We correctly size and apply your new logo to various promotional items such as coffee cups, pens, logo wear – all points of contact – to implant your new brand image.

Any Further Questions?

Please call Dr. Haig directly at 808.922.4042 (Hawaii Standard Time) or email bill@haigbranding.com. We love this business. We love small business. We would love to hear from you.

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