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Custom Logo Design Order Page

Thank you for requesting Powerlogos Design to create your custom Credibility Based Logo Design. The first step is to answer the Questionnaire. From this, we will send you our exclusive Logo Planning Report with a verbal description of your Credibility Based Logo Design.

You get:

  • Questionnaire analysis of your business credibility traits and Logo Planning Report strategies;

  • Preliminary logo design based on approved strategies with no minimum, only what is necessary to reach a great final design;

  • Final custom logo design based on the credibility trait strategies;

  • Letterhead, envelope and business card design to coordinate with the final logo design;

  • Logo Implementation Guidelines for use in any application;

  • Branding assistance at HaigBranding.com (available soon).

There are two stages for the $899 payment:  Initial payment of $300 when you complete the questionnaire.  Final payment of $599 when you approve the Logo Planning Report which authorizes Powerlogos Design to begin the custom logo design phase.

Please be as descriptive as possible when filling in the Questionnaire. The more detail, the better. Just ramble as if we were talking. All information is secure and confidential.


Please note: ALL fields are required.

1. Please start by giving your company name and any product/service names. If there are more than one product/service, what is their relationship to the company? How would you describe your company/business, products/service to someone who has no knowledge of its existence?


2. What makes your company, business, product/services unique in your field of business? Why do people do business with you?


3. What are your short-term goals/plans? Long term?


4. What are your greatest strengths/attributes?


5. How do you think the public perceives you?


6. How do you differentiate your company from your competitors? Describe your most important competitor.


7. List all areas where your present logo appears ie stationery, signs, trucks, etc. List all areas of public contact where your logo COULD appear, but now does not.


8. How did you hear about us?


Credit card payment currently disabled.
Please send check with payment to address on home page.
If you are having any problems or have any questions, please contact us.

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