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Ph.D. in Logo Design

  Dr. Bill Haig  

My Ph.D. in Logo Design

     Hello, I am Dr. Bill Haig. I want to be your logo design team. Powerlogos Design online is an outgrowth of my best selling book, The Power of Logos: How to Create Effective Company Logos, NY: Wiley, 1997.
     In addition, my process will give you a new breakthrough strategy for credibility-based logo design. At "First Glance"sm your new logo will send a "trust" message to visitors on your home page, thereby significantly increasing conversion rates. My research supports this statement.



Logo design is a complex business. This is how we are unique and why we will deliver.

  • My Design Philosophy. I wrote the book! My book introduced credibility-based logo design, a philosophy which gives focus to our logo design. It works. The concept is simple: look competent in what you do, and be trustworthy doing it. I develop logos based on this simple concept.
    Want a quick tutorial? (please access "Great Logos and Why").

  • My Experience. I have over 45 years experience in logo design working primarily with Fortune 500 type companies such as AT&T, Rockwell International and Continental Airlines (gold tail era, 1968.)

  • My Education. I received my Ph.D. in 2006 in logo design strategy based on source credibility principles in communication persuasion. (please access Published Articles)

  • My Low Fee. My low $899 total logo design fee is possible because we use the efficiencies of the Internet. Also, we outsource the design work to a small, select number of top international design professionals who understand my credibility-based logo design philosophy. I personally supervise all design work.

  • My Personal Attention. I am personally involved on every account. We use the internet like office meetings. Clients are encouraged to call or email at any time. As your personal logo design consultant, I will always give you a professional rationale for your recommended logo design.

  • My Branding Added Value. My Ph.D. is also in branding for long term success. As an added value, we design your letterhead, envelop and business cards as your branding foundations. There is no extra charge. In addition, I work with Carlson Craft Business Solutions to print and ship your branding foundations to ensure quality work and great prices for my clients.

  • "First Glance"sm Web Optimization. A credibility-based logo design will enhance your website effectiveness as supported by my research findings.

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