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Design Philosophy

This is what is important to you as a company manager: When logos are planned and created to project the company as being credible, companies will experience greater communication power to influence important messages to your customers. This is backed up by university supervised research findings conducted by Dr. Haig.

University supervised research is conclusive that successful logos are credibility based. People who are believable and know what they are talking about are more convincing. We say that they are credible. Likewise, companies which have a credible brand image are more convincing.


How does Powerlogos Design™ take credibility persuasion principles and design successful logos? The first thing we do is learn all about your business from our Questionnaire. Then we plan for Credibility Based Logo Design, giving our clients a Logo Planning Report which includes a verbal description of your perfect logo. This is your area of business and what makes your business unique – your credibility factors. We symbolize these two factors in a Credibility Based Logo Design.

Successful logos are not an abstract concept any longer. They are credibility based. We pioneered the proven process of Credibility Based Logo Design.

Powerlogos Design™ uses the Credibility Based Logo Design™ philosophy to create effective logos for small business at a very low fee.

Powerlogos Design™ is the exclusive logo design firm to employ Credibility Based Logo Design™.

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