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The Process

The Logo Design Process

We do not believe you will find a better online or offline logo design and branding foundations package.
Know the PowerLogos Design Package, know the whole process, know what you get!...

Know the Process

  • Professionally designed logos based on Dr. Bill Haig's Ph.D. work also described in his best-selling book, The Power of Logos: How to Create Effective Company Logos, NY: Wiley, 1997. The book introduces our exclusive credibility-based logo design philosophy which works.

  • We start with a logo planning questionnaire which asks the right questions. The questionnaire is analyzed. Dr. Bill Haig personally prepares your Logo Planning Report, which outlines his logo design strategy for you.

  • Upon your approval, he assigns your logo design strategy to one of our top international designers, members of the Powerlogos team.

  • Several alternative designs are prepared based on the Logo Planning Report strategies. This usually takes about 2 weeks.

  • We have no minimum or maximum alternatives, or minimum or maximum revisions. So, after sending the initial logo proposals, some more time may be needed to develop your final logo for success. We may take a little longer than others, but a great logo which works for the lifetime of your company cannot be done in a couple of days or a week.

  • Upon final logo approval, we prepare your stationery and business card designs for printing. These are your branding foundations.

  • We obtain printing quotes from our exclusive printing resource, Carlson Craft Business Solution. We set up a simple long term ordering system for best prices, quality paper stock and design consistency.

  • We prepare your Logo Implementation Guidelines for all logo applications. You own your logo. We can help you with your credibility-based branding system at Haig Branding. Please go to www.HaigBranding.com for more information.

    You get all this for a low $899 total fee. To start your order please complete the Questionnaire first!

Our "Working Together" Timetable

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Ph.D. in Logo Design

The "Power of Logos" Book

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